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Saving the Easter Bunny

Shortly after Easter, many people decide they don't want the responsibility of the bunny they bought for their child. Sometimes this is because rabbits generally become territorial, cage aggressive and start marking their territory when they hit "puberty".  Sometimes its because a child stops playing with or caring for the rabbit.

Education is key to preventing people from adopting animals and then giving it up because they don't understand them.

Let people know that spaying & neutering prevents many behavioral issues, such as biting, spraying, marking of territory and cage aggression as well as numerous infections and cancers in females.

Tell them know that adopting an animal means caring for its every need for its life span. Companion pets depend entirely upon us for survival.

If you know of anyone thinking about "getting rid of" their pet rabbit, please give them the number to a local rescue or House Rabbit Society for information, and let them know that setting a rabbit "free" is a death sentence for their pet.

Remind them that getting a pet to teach their children responsibilty and then not taking responsibility for it teaches their child the exact opposite.

Tell everyone know about the wonderful and rewarding relationships we have with our animal companions and why it is so important to care for Thumper's every need.

Our Rascally Rabbits & Crazy Critters and Easter Bunnies everywhere thank you for your help.

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Food, Not Free
After Easter

Adoptable of the Month!

Meet Joey! He enjoys horseback riding, long walks on the beach, hiking and Italian food. Okay, maybe not horses, the beach, hiking or Italian, but he is a big fan of grass hay, Critter Cookies, carrots, parsley, and romaine lettuce. He doesn't care for other rabbits or pets, but loves people! He is a cuddler, so much so, that we're shocked he is still with the rescue! Visit our Adoptions Page for more pictures on all our adoptable critters.


Our adoption events are held at Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital. Our next event is not yet scheduled, but keep in touch or join our mailing list for the latest news. If you know of a great place to hold adoptions, or you would like to help out on those days, please let us know!

If you want to meet a certain rabbit at any of our adoption events, please email us and let us know which pet and which event so we can take him/her to that event. Feel free to take a second to get to know all our adoptables on our adoption page or through Bunspace.

We always collect donations at our events, but we will also take used ink cartridges and cell phones! We turn them in for recycling and get money for our vet bills, hay and litter in return! So stop by at our next event and bring a phone or ink cartridge with you for the critters!

Also, at most adoption events we trim nails and clean anal glands at no charge. So please bring your favorite furry herbivore (rabbit, guinea pig) along, assuming they don't get too stressed out from the trip. We also have some great toys available for your pet and all proceeds benefit the rescue. Please be careful to not bring unhealthy animals to the grooming sessions to prevent the spread of any rabbit and rodent diseases.

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